welding technology registration



Welding Technology Registration

Today, the welding technology is regarded as a criterion for the evaluation of the degree of economic development among the industrialized countries. The technology has reached such enormous dimensions that it has overshadowed other technical sciences.

Welding technology is not only a technique, but it is also an art playing a great role, directly or indirectly, in all industrial fields. Although in recent years, welding has attracted considerable attention, it has not yet reached the status it really deserves. HARVARD was established on the basis of the conviction that this industry should undergo a new development and reach a level comparable with the standards of the industrial countries.

Introduction of the Company

HARVARD provides highly competent experts, engineers, and heavy industries specialists, and being equipped with highly specialized and professional experience of implementation of welding projects in the industries, offers its engineering, executive, and educational services in accordance with the international welding standards.

All our welding engineers have passed welding engineering courses in SLV company-Germany and Welding Association of Germany, and received international welding engineering diploma. They have also been in some way responsible for the implementation of several industrial projects in whole countries.

Our general services:

  • Training of special courses & seminars related to welding technology.
  • Consulting with companies in the field of quality assurance system to reach the international certificate of ISO 3834 & ISO 14554.
  • Training special seminars & standard courses related to NDT .
  • Training courses & issuing certificate for welders.
  • Inspection & quality control for storage tanks, pressure vessels, oil and gas pipe lines & steel structures construction consulting.
  • Implementing Non Destructive Tests and Destructive Tests, Radiography and Film Interpretation, Ultrasonic, Impermeable Liquids, Magnetic Particles (RT- UT- PT-MT) according to international standards.
  • Issuing internal and international welders certificates.
  • Preparing all technical documents for fabrication of pressure parts and steel structures & etc. (such as Q.C.P & their procedures)
  • Consultation and inspection services in construction and installation equipment in refineries, power plants,
  • pressurized tanks, reservoirs, and other industrial installations.
  • Selecting of Welding Equipment and Designing Production Lines.
  • Selecting of Welding materials, Electrodes, Welding Wires, and Consumable Materials.

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