ISO 50001

energy management system

energy management system

Energy Management System

Today the global threat of energy shortages and rising costs, make effective energy management a crucial issue for the success of any business. For many, the answer is an Energy Management System (EnMS), a framework for the systematic management of energy. As well as enhancing energy efficiency, a third party certified EnMS can cut costs, cut carbon emissions, and enhance your reputation by demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

ISO 50001 replaced EN 16001 represents the latest international best practice in energy management, building upon existing national and regional standards and initiatives. The standard has been in development for a number of years with energy management experts, representing over 60 countries from across the world, coming together to establish the framework.

ISO 50001 will help you implement the processes necessary to understand their baseline energy usage, put in place action plans, targets and energy performance indicators for reducing consumption and identify, priorities, and record opportunities for improving energy performance. Using ISO 50001 will help to reduce your energy consumption also:

Reduced costs Reduce energy costs via a structured approach to identifying, measuring and managing your energy consumption.
Reduced carbon emissions Meet government targets and stakeholder expectations now and in the future.
Greater security of energy supply understand your energy risk exposure and identify areas of the organization at greatest risk.
Improved business performance Drive greater productivity by systematically identifying and prioritizing the most cost effective technical solutions and affecting behavioral change to reduce energy consumption.
More engagement with top management Position energy management in the boardroom as a key issue for investment by your organization.
Improved compliance with legislation Meet current or future mandatory energy efficiency targets and/or the requirements of Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction legislation.
Formalized energy policy and objectives Create respect for the energy management policy and embed energy efficient thinking in your organization.
Integration with existing management systems Align your Energy Management System with existing management systems for incremental benefit.
Greater security of energy supply understand your energy risk exposure and identify areas of the organization at greatest risk.
More innovation Develop opportunities for new products and services in the low-carbon economy of the future.
Who is it relevant for?
ISO 50001 is suitable for any organization ,whatever your size, sector or geographical location. It is particularly relevant if you operate in an energy intensive industry or one facing caps or carbon emissions regulation.

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