About us


There are millions of people around the world without access to basic education, let alone Higher Education in a well-known University. At Harvard institute we want to challenge and change this. We organized a simple approach with which all people, no matter their birth place, can have access to high quality education and prepare them to acquire skills and competences for life changing job opportunities. We want to change the world a better place to live, by delivering high quality education. We are highly committed to our true goal, so more people can benefit, no matter where they live in the world or what they can afford to pay. As a global institute, we take on some of the world’s biggest educational challenges. By delivering a sustainable program, we provide educational benefits to people; improve life standards as well as supporting wider society. At Harvard institute, we believe how we do business is as important as what we do, that’s why it makes us different. Thus we are challenging educational norms by changing the way we work.

Welcome to HARVARD American Certification

At HARVARD American Certification , we believe in certification service with a partnership approach. Building and sustaining a positive and supportive relationship with our clients is at the heart of our working principle.


Training Services

The certification process of management systems according to international standards is our Company’s core business. Our aim is at providing companies and the public sector with a consistently increasing range of standards, and a top level expertise and advise, across the various stages of the certification process.
To support the awareness of that process, we also offer specific training schemes to guide organisations staff members towards ISO standards implementation within their company, via both public and tailored in-house programmes.

HARVARD Certification Culture


HARVARD’ culture is open, honest, and approachable and one that works in true partnership with our customers to not only meet but exceed their expectations. In these complicated times, organisations are turning to HARVARD for support and to help them solve many of their complex risk management, compliance and certification issues.
We provide a range of inspection services to clients throughout Ireland and Europe. We are employed by private bodies, the Government and Local Authorities to carry out these inspections.

HARVARD Certification Strengths

HARVARD Certification Commitment

The strength of TNRS Certification is our people, their specialist knowledge and the group’s ability to pass this knowledge onto our customers as workable and measurable solutions. The people within HARVARD Certification have collectively built our reputation through hard work, passion for knowledge and commitment to our customers.
HARVARD Certification is committed to redefining customer and supplier relationships across all risk management, compliance and certification competencies by delivering professional and quantifiable business benefits through a world class service.